In Vandal Hearts (The first game in the series) there are several different classes available for the player to choose between them.

Each character have different stats and habilities depending on their class.




This well-rounded melee class boasts a solid attack and defense with average mobility. They have a attack bonus against archers and casters (mages and healers), but are weak against airmen.



Boasting the highest attack and defense, no other class can best them in melee. Unforunately, their poor mobility makes it difficult for them to get around and are weak against magic attacks.



Archers excel at attacking from a distance, which allows them to attack other classes barring other archers without fear of retaliation. Attacking from a higher elevation will further increase their considerable range. They are the bane of Airmen, capable of seriously injuring or killing them in a single shot.



While possessing good attack and defense, their real strength is their unparalleled mobility. Not only can they cover a lot of ground, they can fly over enemies that would obstruct other classes and hover over water. They are very effective at killing knights, but archers give them trouble.



One of two magic-using specialists, the mages are a offensive-oriented class that specialized in casting harmful spells against enemies. They are capable of inflicting a lot of damage against multiple enemies from a distance. Their high magic defenses  makes spells ineffective against them. Their weak physical attack and defense makes them unsuitable for engaging enemies from the front lines.



The other caster class, healers focus on supporting allies with healing and buffing spells, although at higher levels they can cast attack magic as well. They are essential for keeping a party fighting fit against numerous or strong foes. Like mages, they have high magic defense but are physically frail.



Monks are a hybrid melee-caster class. They have average attack and defense. Their magic resistance is above average. They have the second highest mobility in the game. They are capable of being either a front line fighter or a supporting caster. While versatile, they don't excell in any roles of the more specialized classes.

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