Diego Renault (ディエゴ ・ルノー Diego Renō?)

Diego Renault, known as José Carpas (ホセ ・カルパス Hose Karupasu?) in the Japanese version, is one of the playable characters in the first Vandal Hearts game in the series. He is 18 years old at the beginning of the game, 21 when he is reunited with Ash and the others in the middle of the game, and 22 at the end of the game. Diego Renault didn´t use to be his name: that´s the name he gave to himself after he renieged from his own father´s heritage, now using the surname of his fallen mother -Renault- instead, and the given name she wished for him -Diego- when he was born. He´s name used to be José Carpas Lisbon (ホセ ・カルパス ・リスボン in japanese katakana, literally "Hose Karupasu Lisubon") when he was a kid. A carefree member of the 3rd Platoon of the SDF (Ishtarian Security and Defense Forces) who’s outspoken personality greatly contrasts with his fellow platoon member Clint. He´s great friends with his Platoon leader, Ash Lambert, and so he is with his other "boss" Clive, to the point that they talk in informal terms most of the time. He seems to have some sort of anxiety about the merchant town of Kerachi. As said, he's very outspoken, perhaps too much so for his own good, and has a goofy personality.


(Needs to be filled) Diego originally comes from the Trade City of Kerachi. He left Kerachi at the age of 14, shortly after his mother died, because of a fallout with his rich merchant father, Carlo Lisbon.To escape the city and start a new life, he changed his name and surname. He travelled from Kerachi to the capital, Shumeria, connected by the only train in the country. In Shumeria, he ended joinning the SDF and therefore staying in the capital, now as Diego Renault and hiding his past and real identity from everyone, even from Ash and Clive who have taken care of him since he arrived in town.

Relationship with Kira and the other girlsEdit

Diego, granted his age and his genre, seems to be much more interested in women than most of the male characters in Ash´s party. However, he is not what you would call a "Don Juan" or a "Casanova" as he doesn´t have the intention of being a seductor or a flirt. On the contrary, he usually shows his feelings in a very direct, excited and almost childish way, giving more the impression of a lovable kid who is enjoying the attention he receives than the impression of an adult interested in some sort of serious relationship. In the official japanese guide it´s explained that he thinks big of women and that he respect their strength a lot compared to what he feel about most men: the problems he had with his father in the past, and how Diego misses his dead mother may be some of the reasons for him to be like that.

When Diego, Ash and Clint destroy Eleni´s golems she gets really upset and sad (and she was angry even before of that, because of the party intrusion in the palace ruins in search of Magnus). After Eleni hears the reason why they are there, she decided to join them. When both Huxley and Ash refuse the idea -Ash explainning that she is too young and that this is not a picnic- Eleni gets mad again and says "Fine. I´ll just go to Gillbaris Island myself" to what Diego replies smirking "I guess we have to take her now, Ash...". Ash gets Diego´s point and agreeing that if she is going to Gillbaris Island anyways she better go with them, finally decides she can come along. Diego proves very happy to have Eleni in the party and yells "YAHOOO!" while raising his arm but his happness seems to be quickly crumbled when old man Huxely announces that if Eleni goes, then he follows. The day after, while in a pinch, Diego asked Eleni if she couldn´t summon some of her golems to battle the bandits, causing Eleni to get mad again. After Eleni explained they -Diego, Ash and Clint- had killed all of her golems, and how laborious creating them was (a process of various years) Diego nicely apologized to her, now understanding her feelings better and realizing that his comment about summoning the golems was stupid. After that incident, they´ve always been in good terms, staying friends to the very end, though occasionally annoying each other just for the fun of it. When Eleni, Clint and Amon were held hostage in a maximun security prison, it was Diego who remarked that storming the prison was not only for the good of the rebellion, but also to make sure they rescue their three close friends -Eleni, Clint and Amon-.

Diego never seemed to have any sort of sentimental or sexual attraction to Eleni; more like he enjoys the company of someone close to his age who would be a little childish like him, lively and fun to talk to, unlike Ash and Clint. The fact that he gets more excited because she is a girl may be just because in the 3rd Platoon of the SDF there are no women. It´s also hinted that Diego really admires Eleni´s skills, and that he find her magic amusing and cool. In case he ever felt attracted to her, he probably realized that Eleni had a big crush on Ash from the very beginning; in that scenario, Diego would had probably given up on Eleni from the start to respect her feelings, as he would later do with other women.

(still needs to be finished)



Jobs/Classes in the gameEdit

Diego starts as a basic ARCHER class soldier. He can then turn either into a BOWMAN or into a HAWKNIGHT when he reaches level 10. If he advances into BOWMAN, at level 20 he can evolve into a SNIPER. If in the other hand he advances into a HAWKNIGHT, at level 20 he can evolve into a SKY LORD.


-Canon-wise, is hinted that Diego is supposed to be an Archer, then a Bowman and finally a Sniper, because those are the clothes he wear in the official art. Also, he is said to have "the best aimming and stealthing skills of the whole security forces", skills that are proper or a Sniper.

-Diego, in Konami´s official guide, expresses he is a bit annoyed because his "kōhai" Amon (後輩, meaning Diego somehow feels like Amon´s senior) is taller than him.

-In Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgement there is a tavern named after the surname "Renault" that both Diego and his mother share.

-It seems like many fans expected Diego and Kira to end together. Even now, many claim that they like that pairing more than Kira/Clint, and there are sometimes "shipping wars" over it.

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