Grog Drinkwater (also known as Guzzle Grapejuice in the anime) is a party character in Vandal Hearts. Noted for his good and powerful battle cry ("BUHLAYEUUGHH"), he becomes a strong and helpful ally to Ash Lambert and the rest of the gang of People You Meet While Playing.


Background Edit

The Beginning Edit

Grog began his life in his house. He was confronted Ash and the party after the local Barkeep explains his excessive drinking habits, and they all thought "We need that guy to hang with us." But before Grog would join the band of people, they would have to defeat his first great foe, Aunt Antarm. Uh they do it and he joins, hurray.

Madcaptain Becomes Sadcaptain Edit

Grog and everyone gets onto a boat because Hey, Boats are a good level for Tactics RPGs. In this encounter, they meet Hassan Madcapatin, a pirate that owns a Big Axe. Grog and Hassan probably knew each other at some point, because when Hassan dies, he gets really dramatic about it, and so does Grog. I dunno, I wasn't really there when it happened, but Grog doesn't like to talk about it anymore, so maybe it's best just to leave it alone.

The Modern Drinkwater Edit

Today, you can find Grog running around doing more of the same he had, ie Drinking Water, but now he has a Riot Shield and Kirby's-Sword-Ability Blade. Sadly, he no longer wails his signature wail (opting instead to stab people more than once) but nonetheless, his wail lives on in our hearts. ;^)

Classes Edit

Grog begins as a basic SOLDIER class, similar to Clint Picard, but comes with a special ability of Yelling. This ability only gives him the ability to yell before hitting someone, but nonetheless becomes a key component to the party. An effective strategy at this stage is to make sure Grog hits as many people as possible, to ensure that his Yell is used frequently. At level 10, he can advance to a SWORDSMAN class or the GUARDSMEN class, which like Clint's, looks very bad and turns him into a flesh lump. At Level 20, he can turn into something else too, but I don't know yet, so Sorry.

Trivia Edit

  • Grog is a huge fan of Macroman as well as the spinoffs Macromom and Micro Child
  • Grog enjoys Huxley Hobbes' Monk Moshing just as much as everyone else, if not more so
  • Both Hassan and Grog have distinct wails, implying they were once apart of a team that wailed a lot
  • Grog likes Ditto, the Pokemon
  • Grog is okay with Cybering and thinks that Torbjorn from Overwatch cybers a lot
  • Grog, like each character, has his own unique perspective on Vandalism (hence his "Vandal Heart," as it were.) With that in mind, his favorite swear is "bepis"
  • He likes his Wiki page, and wouldn't change it
  • Please don't change it

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