Support Characters (Vandal Hearts II)

Cardinal Ladorak

-Blood Knights
Commander Jacob
Lieutenant Jamir (The Fire)
Lieutenant Manon (The Ice)

Warden Mohosa
Chief Jailer Samhin
Duke Lorentz Kleuth
Leon Kleuth

Queen Mother Agatha
King Gregor of the Twin Empire
Princess Minea

-The Trio
Doom the Thunder
Godeau the Grief
Thorpe the Gorgeous

Dogra the Bandit

King Franz

Zora-Archeo Twin Empire:
Emperor Gorba IV
King Gregor of West Nantra
Emperor Lanz III

Republic Of Vernantz:
Chancellor Vitez
President Voller

Grand Duke Paul (Church State)

Godard the Diviner
Friar Mahler
Governor Graud

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