According to the in-game encyclopedia of Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment, Timion Vale is "the battlefield on which the war between Urdu and Balastrade ended. Scorched, then flooded, by what many have called an act of God, the Vale is now a wretched wasteland, and is said to be haunted and cursed."

Actually, it was the Flames of Judgment to fall from the sky that day of the final battle between Urdu and Balastrade, and they fell not because of an act of God, but instead an experiment of Dumas to try and re-fuel the Flames.

People say the place is cursed because the souls of the many soldiers killed by the Flames got stuck there and wander around.

Battle of Timion ValeEdit

The War of Avery Fields ended because of the fallen of the Flames of Judgment during the Battle of Timion Vale, which according to the encyclopedia was "the War of Avery Fields' final battle. The Balastradian army, led by Lord General Daldren Gray, held the line against Sir Tarvis Malderion and his advancing Urdain troops. After ten days and nights, the battle ended in abrupt catastrophe, when the Flames of Judgment destroyed the battlefield." It's later stated in the game that the little feud between both farmers was just an excuse to start a war over the fields, since those were years of great lack of food and resources, but in the end it was the war that really left both countries with no armies, food or resources, and a high amount of male adults died fighting, which led to a equally high amount of orphanaged children, like Tobias, Luce and Connor.

Treaty of Timion ValeEdit

According to the in-game encyclopedia of Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment, the Treaty of Timion Vale took place "after the Flames of Judgment fell, King Everett II met with King Rannak of Urdu on the ruined battlefield of Timion Vale, there to sign a truce between the two nations. This is said to have been the last time any living soul has set foot upon the Vale and returned alive."

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